Customer Reviews

"Great materials. I have purchased a LOT of computer based training for my company, and this is the best so far. Great value - great service. Thank you." 
     —Marvin Stone, San Diego, CA 

"As a professional working with voice recognition everyday, I found your Dragon NaturallySpeaking Video Guide an extremely valuable productivity tool. I believe that I actually received greater benefit from your Video Guide than I would have from live instruction, because it is so easy to quickly locate and review needed segments of the instruction. 

Over three hours of instruction are divided logically into short segments, and this made it very easy for me to fit them into available time. I also found it convenient to have the video instruction right there on the computer, available for quick reference, rather that in the middle of a videotape or DVD.

The quality of your instruction is excellent, logical, and yes…entertaining! I would highly recommend your Video Guide to busy professionals who wish to quickly and efficiently climb the Dragon learning curve and truly get the most from their investment in voice recognition." 
     —John Baxter, Philadelphia, PA 

"A pleasure, and that’s not a word I use frequently in connection with computer training. You’ve made a nice, ‘down home’ and unintimidating series of easy to follow lessons. 

I do think it’s best if a new user can have a personal trainer for learning Dragon because a personal trainer can observe and correct you as you use the product, answer your questions as you go, and customize it for your individual needs--but your lessons make a great starting point and will help people who don’t have access to a personal trainer or user group. 

I also think it has great potential as a quick refresher course for people who haven’t used the product enough to have made it second nature yet. 

Your lessons sure beat trying to read a manual!" 
     —Laura Miner, New York, NY 

"What a bang for your buck. Mr. Dan Newman performs on the video. This little gem is worth its weight in gold. It helps you set up the program and get going with it. I read the manual and it has good material in it for reference, but the video is my strong recommendation." 
     —Clinton M. Smith, D.C., Illinois Chiropractic Journal 

"The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Video Guide is one of the best videos I've ever seen about any subject. I'm now getting unbelievable accuracy." 
     —Mike Burks, Chairman, International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet 

"Our clients expect and receive the very best in training, implementation, and customization of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. We utilize Dan Newman's Dragon Video Guide CD as one of the tools to provide a convenient and comprehensive tutorial to augment our one-on-one training. Dan has compiled the essential skills necessary to be a productive and successful user of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The lessons are well organized, clear and concise. We enthusiastically recommend the Dragon Video Guide." 
     —Bill Wade, DO, MPH, Kaberline Healthcare Informatics, Inc. 

"We pride ourselves on offering a complete range of Dragon NaturallySpeaking-related products and services to our clients. Dan Newman's Dragon Video Guides constitute an important part of our sales and support offerings, helping us to create a higher level of satisfaction and productivity among our Dragon customers! Because we offer Dragon NaturallySpeaking to clients all over the country, Dan Newman's Video Guides provide an excellent alternative to formal in-person training, making it possible for a user to "self-train" in a very effective manner! The Video Guides are well-designed and easy to use. Dragon users can quickly and easily locate a specific topic that they wish to learn more about. 
     —L. Kent Lauhon, CEO, Assistive Computer Technology, Inc

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