Learn Dragon Dictate quickly and easily with Dragon Dictate for Mac: Watch and Learn

In this set of QuickTime video lessons, speech recognition expert Dan Newman shows you how to get the most from Dragon Dictate. 

You'll learn how to get up and running quickly, tips and techniques for accurate dictation, and much more. It's like having a friend at your side to guide you in learning Dragon Dictate. 

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Includes 60 minutes in twelve video lessons:

1. Setup and Training (4 minutes) 
2. Starting to Dictate (4) 
3. Quick Tour (11) 
4. Punctuation and Capitalization (5) 
5. Spelling and Numbers (6) 
6. Correcting by Keyboard (6) 
7. Correcting by Voice (4) 
8. Adding New Words (2) 
9. Improving Accuracy (5) 
10. Healthy Computing (3) 
11. Tips for Speaking and Dictating (5) 
12. Text Macros (5) 
Sample Lesson: Punctuation and Capitalization
About the author
Dan Newman, President of Say I Can Speech Recognition, is the author of three books on speech recognition software. He has written for many publications, including PC Magazine and Speech Technology, and has appeared on the PBS television show Computer Chronicles. A computer expert and skilled teacher, Dan has helped thousands of people use Dragon software successfully. 

Download Now - $34.99 

Satisfaction guaranteed
We are confident that you will benefit from Dan Newman's expert tips, techniques and training, and we guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return within 60 days for a full refund. 

For Dragon Dictate for Mac version 2.